It is powered by electricity as more than twice as powerful as its little brother.

On Thursday, Seat, or better yet, Cupra, since brands are now separated, has presented the next chapter in evolution of still brand new Leon. Family hatchback has also received a much sportier version with some 228 kilowatts of power in the highest-spec’d version – the second basic version on the other hand is actually going to be a plug-in hybrid, replacing diesel version. However, Cupra has also presented something that is not going to available on the road and will thus be even more exciting.

Meet Cupra e-Racer. It is racecar, built on a basis of Cupra Leon, but is instead of petrol, driven by electricity. In fact, there are four electric motors with combined output of 500 kilowatts at peak and no less than 960Nm of torque. They will get the power from a 65 kwh battery packed – a full-on race machine to say at least.

“CUPRA has always had a pioneering role in motorsport and were the developer of the first TCR platform, and with the CUPRA Leon Competición and CUPRA e-Racer we are continuing to break new ground,” said CUPRA Racing Director Jaime Puig. “Both vehicles have been designed to compete at the highest level and bring a competitive edge to the teams running them, having been developed specifically to meet TCR and ETCR technical regulations and requirements.”

Sure, drive train is not the only difference between stock Leon and this machine. In fact, there is little that connects them both, apart from the name, basic shape and some other details. E-Racer has also received bigger wheels, extensive aero package and other components, that will help to increase the grip and downforce. This will be needed from as early as 2021, when it is going to enter PURE ETCR championship, a race series designed specifically for electric touring cars.

Feb. 21, 2020 Driving photo: Seat

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