With a twin electric motors it is going to become brand's first fully electric SUV in 2020, when it arrives on the market.

Cupra, performance brand that used to be a part of Seat (but has parted from in an attempt to become more independent and recognized) is supposedly going more and more electric. After petrol-powered Ateca, that was Cupra’s first car to hit the market came the first electrified SUV-study, the Formentor. And while we are still waiting for it to come to the market, a new model is coming, this time only equipped with electric motors.

Soon to be presented on Frankfurt IAA car show in person, Cupra’s new concept is called Tavascan and it is basically a full-sized, coupe-shaped electric SUV with design cues that are not similar to any existing Cupra car or even Seat, maybe more like Lamborghini. This is true for the outside of the car and also for its interior. Which is quite minimalistic and in prototype version only equipped with two LCD screens and some other features, including a steering wheel with one of the smallest air bag covers ever.

But let us get down to business, where the power is. Under the angular exterior, there is a pair of electric motors, one on each axle with a combined power output of  225 kilowatts – more than both of two siblings, mentioned above. While this is going to be enough for quite a punch and 6,5 seconds from 0-100 to hundred kilometers per hour , there is also going to be a capable battery pack with a 77 kWh of power to offer, sufficient for 450 kilometers.

“Besides the CUPRA Formentor, which will be launched in 2020 alongside two other high-performance plug-in hybrid models, we have already proved our technological capabilities by developing the world’s first 100% electric touring car, the CUPRA e-Racer. With the presentation of the all-electric CUPRA Tavascan concept, we are translating this vision into the streets and proving that performance can be electrified”, said CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths.

Sept. 2, 2019 Driving photo: Cupra

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