However, this does not mean, they will also quit producing them

Few days ago, when Frankfurt car show, the IAA opened its doors, Mercedes-Benz revealed another in the line of electric cars, the EQ S concept and with some other plug in hybrids and electric cars like the EQ V announced a full swing into e-mobility. They have even announced that majority of the cars sold in 2030 and after will be driven by electricity. Now, they have announced another important step forward in achieving this goal: end of development of ICEs.

While their latest generation of inline six-cylinder engines is just arriving on the market, it may be the last one before fully switching to electric ones revealed by Auto Motor und Sport in an interview with Daimler development chief Markus Schaefer. Schaefer revealed that the company has no intention in developing new gasoline engines at the moment, but immediately added, that this is not their final decision.

 If Daimler’s decision is going to stand, Mercedes-Benz will join Volvo, who also decided to stop developing IDE’s and slowly phase out ICE-only option when buying a new car, while also quitting production of diesel engines. The question now is: who is going to be next?

Sept. 20, 2019 Driving photo: Daimler AG

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