The carsharing service DriveNow is adding 20 new electric BMW i3s to its London fleet.


The total of i3s, that already represented the largest electric fleet in the UK capital, rose to 50. The newly joined i3s are to improve electric cars availability in North and East London.

According to Joseph Seal-Driver, Managing Director of DriveNow UK, the company decided to expand their electric fleet, »simply because Londoners love driving BMW i3s«. He added that these cars are »a great starting point for customers who want to test out a top-of-the-range electric car on a pay as you go basis with no further commitments such as monthly fees or annual subscriptions.« He said DriveNow hopes to even further expand their EV network in the coming months.

The DriveNow company was established in 2011 in Germany and gives access to zero-emissions vehicles, aiming to provide a sustainable service that reduces emissions and traffic volume in large cities. Lately, the company's been facing some serious issues, despite the fact it caters over 500,000 customers in nine cities all across the world. It has, for example, discontinued its operations in the San Francisco area, supposedly due to insufficient and highly expensive parking spaces.

Oct. 16, 2015 Driving photo: BMW

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