An all electric motorcycle should soon hit the market.

Future of motorcycles is going to be electric and there is no doubt about it. They may not get here as fast as electric cars, but they will eventually come. After all, Moto-E is about to take off this year, there are already electric scooters such as Askoll out there… Even Harley-Davidson has presented their electric motorcycle, the Live Wire. Now, another major motorcycle has announced a similar move and it is the one you might have not think of on the first though: Ducati.

Well, the idea is not that new, since Italian manufacturer has announced such move back in 2017. They have even presented an electric bicycle on 2018 EICMA show. However, according to first reports back then in 2017, there would be no such motorcycle before 2021. Now, Claudio Domenicali has publicly announced that this may happen much sooner.

“The future is electric, we’re not far from starting series production,” announced Domenicali recently. How far ‘not far from starting’ is, we do not know, but it will have to be soon as the competition is already growing. Beside Harley-Davidson and Askoll, there are also small-ish yet productive brands such as Energica, that are already producing electric bikes with decent top speeds and range way over 200 kilometers per hour.

Jan. 21, 2019 Driving photo: Ducati

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