There are some quite reasonable explenations about that.

Volkswagen Golf VIII has by now become available in most European countries, making the older, yet very successfull seventh generation obsolite. Also, ID.3 is, after some problems with software, also almost ready to hit the market. Still, Volkswagen has decided to leave previous generation of its most important model alive and on the market, albeit only in electric version. And there may be some quite solid reasons to do so.

According to some documents, presented by Electrek and Nextmove, Volkswagen is planning to keep alive e-Golf (at least) until Sptember this year with buyers reciving their cars in the late 2020. So why are they leaving this model in their offer past the time of ID.3's arrival? Electrek is bringing for explenations:

  • Two cars in the fleet will present the brand in better light when it comes to average amount of CO2 one company prodices, which is now more important than ever.
  • There is still high demand for e-Golf due to its price.
  • If problems with ID.3 continues, it will serve as an alternative.
  • IF CoViD-19 continue to terrorize Europe, buyers will more likely to buy proven and familiar cars.

Either way, e-Golf will continue to stay in offer and will become even more important than one could ever imagine.

April 6, 2020 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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