First vehicles are already reaching their new owners

Black London taxis are among the most famous attractions of Britain’s capital. Recently, however, they have gone on the road to the future, as they are getting advantages of electric propulsion, thanks to their manufacturer LEVC. According to the company, their electric taxis, LEVC TX are world’s most advanced taxis thus drawing attention of other cities in Great Britain.

First city, that made a decision to introduce electric TXs on its streets is Scottish capital Edinburgh. Thanks Union Motor Company, both sides have made an agreement, that in order to deal with air pollution in the town, electric taxis should be introduced. And since TX is a range-extended electric vehicle, it can provide 606 kilometers of range along with 128 kilometers of zero emissions alone.

Danny Flynn, founder of The Union Motor Company, said: “This is the future of all vehicles – they will be essential to protect our urban environment and improve air quality. We have always been a forward-thinking company and we like to be involved in the pioneering of any new technology.  We are very excited to come on board and work on the new electric taxi and LEVC.”

TXs will not only help lowering the emissions but also lowering the costs of taxi rides. On average it is estimated, that every driver will save around 100 pounds per week, comparing to one, using diesel-driven taxi. On the other had the PCP finance contract the vehicle will cost 177 pounds per week, which is only 10 pounds more than the cost of current vehicles, not to mention service intervals, which will jump from 20.000 kilometers to 40.000 thousand kilometers.

Aug. 7, 2018 Driving photo: Newspress

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