They will however still be made in the future, but main focus could be switched to development of fuel cells.


Current situations on the global car markets makes one think, that future of automotive transport is in electric-driven cars. Right now virtually every major car manufacturer is either developing or already producing at least one model of electric car and even manufacturers of high-end sport cars are slowly, but surely getting involved here. Lamborghini for instance has already made a study of fully electric supercar Terzo Millennio. Some though believe, that electric cars are a dead end.

According to the results of a survey, made by company KPMG among 953 senior executives, majority of them think, that electric cars will sooner or later be 'taken over' by fuel-cell cars. According to Green car reports, who published the results, the main reason executives listed, which prevents EV's to become a success on a long term are infrastructure challenges lower-rate public charging and DC fast-charging for long-distance travel.

Electric cars will still be developed

Contradictory to those results however, half of executives, participating in survey said, car companies will continue to develop and produce electric cars and demand for them will be growing, but mostly because regulatory environment. This could cause that on top of 7% of electric cars being sold in the year of 2023 there will be another 30% of them just because of recent regulations. This consequently means, that ICE's will continue to domain the market for many years to come.

When talking about the future of clean transport, 78 percent of execs thus believes, that future lies with hydrogen fuel cells. "The faith in FCEVs can be explained," the report explains, "by the hope that FCEVs will solve the recharging and infrastructure issue BEVs face today."

Jure Šujica
Photo: Hyundai, Profimedia

Jan. 12, 2018 Driving photo: Profimedia

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