Not long ago it was confirmed, that from 2019 on Mini will produce an electric version of its basic three door version, and in soon we will also see its first Mini Electric concept, which will be put on stand at the Frankfurt motor show mid September.

Electric Mini will not really be completely new, but a version of current Mini One, which is already three years old and has rather conventional then electrically dedicated platform. There are some aparent changes on the body though, like hexagonal radiator grille, which is closed due to electric powertrain with less need for cooling, and lights are also changed to give apperance of something different.

There are also lowered bumpers and doorsteps and some aerodinamic elements. At the back we can recognize the concept through rear lights with the Union Jack patern. To lower the body weight, engineers also used fiberglass. Different character of the electric study is further accentuated by contrasting silver and yellow colour scheme with distinctive E badge.

Interiour is still waiting to be disclosed at the Frankfurt motor show. Also nothing was said about the powertrain, but we can expect to see something similar to the BMW i3 system also in Mini Electric.

Sept. 1, 2017 Driving photo: Mini

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