Scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) developed aCar, a convenient low cost solution for transport in remote communities with rough roads in Africa. Recently they took it to Ghana and tested it with success.

People at TUM developed a low-cost, modular and emission free electric vehicle aCar which could be a more affordable sollution to expensive conventional jeeps and improvized transport solutions, like tractors. aCar is a lightweigh off-road vehicle which can carry two passangers and up to one ton of cargo. The electricity is stored in a 20 kWh battery and allows for an electric range of up to 80 kilometers with speeds of up to 60 km/h. It takes 7 hours to charge battery from a regular 220 V wall socket, but batteries can be also charged via solar cells on the roof and even used as a source for powering external devices.

Last month TUM team took a prototype of aCar to Ghana, where they tested it in local conditions with high temperatures and high humidity in the air and also with local drivers behind the steering wheel. aCar successfully passed all tests and now the team will use data to improve it and master all the technical problems which they faced during test, but also to lower the costs of tis production bellow 10.000 euro and give it more commercially attractive design. Also the company Evum Motors GmbH was started, with hope to soon start the production of aCar at a factory in Europe.

TUV will also take part at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt next month, where they will show a prototype aCar to the public.

Aug. 24, 2017 Driving photo: TUM

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