BYD is revealing its first Europe-oriented electric sedan.


Electric car market, despite an increasing supply, remains relatively empty, the offer is still not very high. This is particularly true amongMiddle Class sedans, where the bulk of the market is controlled by the Tesla with its 3 Model. At least in Europe and Asia, we are now getting new competition, which will continue to take care of the market here - BYD. Indeed, the Chinese group, which is considered to be the largest private company in China, is about to send a brand-new car to the market.

Han EV, as they called it, will be presented in China as early as June, and is betting on a classic limousine philosophy that is accompanied by substantial comfort in a cabin for which an example was found in classic European limos. But the essence of the interior is in the technique. This does not mean just having a big infotainment screen but also an assistance system called DiPilot which BYD developed themselves. Thanks to artificial intelligence, and technology of the 5G, system will be capable of independent learning when time goes buy and users driving pattern will becom aparent.

Well, the propulsion and the associated components are also worth mentioning. While at the BYD power configuration and electric motors are not yet being revealed, they promise that the car will speed up to 100 kilometres an hour in 3.9 seconds. Its electric range is claimed to be 605 kilometers, but measured according to the NEDC, due to which it is realistic to expect about a 100 kilometers less, it will still be among the best on the market.

Although the Chinese company promise to make the new car available in Europe, the date of arrival remains unknown. Its price is, however already known. For a Han EV, it will therefore have to be paid between 45,000 and 55,000 euros.

May 15, 2020 Driving photo: BYD

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