Electric motor will soon be driving a small twi-wheeler, which for decades has been iconic sight especially in Italian cities but also in other parts of the World. Italian motorcycle specialist Piaggio namely presented electric Vespa, will be soon available in shops.

Vespa Elettrica, as it was officially dubbed by Piaggio, is in some ways a new step in the 72-year history of a small two-wheeler, as it will be driven by the electric power for the first time. It will be powered by electric motor with a constant power of 2 kW and maximum power of 4 kW (one kilowatt more than 50 ccm gasoline engine). It should also offer up to 100 kilometers of autonomy with one charge and the charging time should last four hours, using a household socket.

Vespa Elettrica will initially be available for at least 6,390 euros to customers in the European countries. Its launch is scheduled for early November and coincides with the start of the EICMA motor show in Milan. Sales in Asia and the United States are planned for the beginning of 2019.

Oct. 8, 2018 Driving photo: Piaggio

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