Electric and plug-in hybrid cars are obviously becoming successfull also in Germany with two percent market share reached for the first time in November.

In real numbers it means, that German citizens bought 6.290 electrified cars last month, which is 137 percent rise comparing to the same month last year and exactly 2,08 percent in total November cars sales in Germany. 3.031 of them were battery electric cars, which is 146 percent more than in November last year, and 3.259 were plug-in hybrids, which showed 130-percent rise from last November. Predicitions are, that Germany will have 52.000-56.000 new electrified cars by the end of this year.

When we talk about the models, the bestseller in November was Smart Fortwo ED with 621 units sold. It was followed by Volkswagen e-Golf with 601 units sold and BMW i3 which was sold in 438 units – 276 pure electric and 162 range extended.

Dec. 17, 2017 Driving

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