All bets are going to its electric range, is it has probably the last time.

This week at the German car brand, it seems electrification is on the menu. After the arrival of electrically driven (both versions of ) A Class  and B Class B, as already reported yesterday, another electrified or, rather, electric car has now been revealed.  EQV is its name, and anyone who familiar with Mercedes' nomenclature will soon realize, we are talking about a limousine van.

Since the newcomer was born on the basis of a recently refreshed V Class, which we can already be seen on the roads, it is not very different from the mentioned cars. Only a person, who knows the car in details may see a slightly modified radiator mask and a large aperture cover in the front bumper. That is where the electric socket of the first Mercedes-Benz electric limousine van is hidden.

However, there is no doubt that special attention is required for the electric motor and the battery pack. If EQV's cousin eVito has only about 150 kilometers of range, its sibling, presented yesterday, will be able to pass 405 kilometers with on one charge. Thanks to a high-speed charging technology, battery pack with a capacity of 80 kilowatt-hours could be charged from 10 to up to an 80 percent in less than an hour – taking into account that the vehicle is plugged on high-speed chargers (with a maximum power of 110 kilowatts, to the extent allowed by the car), such as those set out in the framework of the project, Ionity, which Mercedes-Benz is also part of. In addition, there will be an 11 kilowatts charger installed in the vehicle itself, which will be able to be connected to the House outlet, and the driver will be provided with a Mercedes me Charge system.

However, a relatively long range of EQV will not only rely on a large battery pack, but also on quite a few a smart solutions to increase efficiency. The vehicle will use the brake energy recovery system and the operating intensity will be determined by the driver itself with the steering wheel rim arms – when the system is set at maximum power, the car will be able to drive only with the gas pedal without the brakes – similar to, say, Nissan Leaf or BMW i3. Otherwise, the recovery rate will also be able to be adjusted by the car itself, relying on data from the navigation device, the traffic signal recognition system and other things.

Well, if we already know what the prices will be for Mercedes a 250 e and B 250 e, then for the EQV model the price will have to wait a little longer. The official premiere in front of customers is expected at the Frankfurt motor show, while both of them are still active.

Aug. 21, 2019 Driving photo: Daimler AG

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