The European Enviroment Agency (EEA) wrote in its report that the new automobiles sold in 2014 emit on average 2.6 percent less carbon dioxide than their predecessors from the previous year.


That also means nearly 7 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre less than specified in the plans for 2015. The average emissions of newly registered automobiles in the European Union in 2014 totalled 123.4 grams per kilometre and the expectations for 2015 were set at 130 grams of carbon dioxide emitted per kilometre of driving. In accordance with the current regulations, carbon dioxide emissions have decreased by 17 grams or 12 percent since 2010, already dropping below the set value in 2013, which is two years ahead of schedule. Automobile manufacturers have to lower the emissions to at least 95 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre by 2021.

In addition, 38 thousand electric cars were registered in the EU in 2014, which is 57 percent more than in 2013. Most of them, more than 10,700, were sold in France, around 8500 in Germany and around 6700 in the UK.

April 22, 2015 Driving photo: EEA

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