In Germany, a fast-charging corridor for charging electric vehicles between Munich and Berlin has been succesfully completed.

The German electric vehicle fast-charging corridor, installed by BMW, E.ON and Siemens under the German government sponsorship, includes eight DC fast-charging stations for electric and plug-in hybrid cars, placed along the 430-kilometer-stretch of the A9 highway, linking Berlin to Munich. The majority of charging stations between Munich and Leipzig were already functional in 2014, but with this year's opening of the Dessau station, the corridor has been succesfully completed.

The EV fast-charging stations are reportedly spaced apart from one another at distances of no more than 90 kilometers, which is said to fullfill the charging needs of most of the electric vehicles, currently available on the market. Users can access each column via CCS (50 kW DC) and IEC type 2 (22kW AC).

Charging stations can be activated and operated with any mobile phone that is activated for German payment services. DC charging costs €3 per 10 minutes charging time, while AC charging costs €2 per 30 minutes charging time.

Nov. 10, 2015 Driving photo: E.ON

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