Audi continues character-building development work on its Piloted Drive project. Audi A7 piloted driving concept "Jack" – based on Audi A7 Sportback – is already fully capable of autonomously manouvering on the motorway.


Early last year, "Jack" rose to fame after driving itself to Las Vegas and then pulling a similar stunt on German motorways. To top it all, it was also quite successful at making its way through Shangahi's heavy traffic.

According to Audi, ''Jack'' is now even more capable of adjusting its way of driving to human behaviour, taking into account other traffic participants, adapting to various situations in traffic, all while being very safe and highly interactive. In practice, "Jack's" way of driving is demonstrated by being confident at dealing with hazardous points on the road, passes trucks with a slightly wider lateral gap and signals upcoming lane changes by activating the indicator and moving closer to the lane marking first. "Jack" can decide for itself (based on the selected driving profile) whether it is better for a vehicle that wants to merge into its lane on the motorway to do so in front of him or behind him – according to Jack's choice, the car also decides if it should to accelerate or brake in order to handle the traffic situation as it is best suited for all road users. Its sophisticated navigational system can also calculate and predict routes that are most suitable for autonomous driving, without the driver getting involved.

The core of piloted driving is the central driver assistance controller, also called zFAS, using high-performance processors to evaluate the signals from all sensors in real-time and create a model of the car's surroundings. It makes it possible for the zFAS to calculate upcoming manoeuvres in advance.

May 17, 2016 Driving photo: Audi

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