This is the largest order of electric buses in Scandinavia with a possibility to expanding it by an aditional few hundred busses.

Scandinavian countries are well-known to be among the leading countries in the world, when it comes to taking care of the environment. Sustainable transport is among top priorities and Norway, together with its capital Oslo is no exception. After all, one of the fastest growing cities in the region is designated to be Europe's environmental capital next year, so showing example of good practice is for Oslo a must.

It is no wonder that Fara, Europe's leading supplier of IT systems for public transit just signed an agreement with Unibuss to deliver technical and operating solutions for 40 new electric busses in Oslo. Fara, Norwegian company based in Trondheim was chosen among eight other providers of such solutions. They will be based on existing ITxPT platform and will help drivers among other things to also get an overview of their itinerary, including changes in real time. The system can send messages directly to the control center and passengers, as well as IT solutions for outdoor and indoor monitors.

"We are proud to help deliver the transportation solutions of the future. Together with Unibuss, we deliver a complete solution that is good for the environment, good for the cities of the future, and good for the travel experience. We are pleased to help more people choose public transport", says Orjan Kirkefjord, managing director of FARA.

Similar solutions have previously been presented in cities like Salzburg and Oulu, but never in a scale like this. Busses are expected to be delivered in spring of 2019. However, there is a possibility that Fara may deliver additional 300 buses to Oslo. This second agreement has not yet been made, final decision should be made later this year.

June 28, 2018 Driving photo: Fara

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