First cars to get electrified drive train are Fiat Panda and the upcomming Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Fiat or FCA group is not really, what you could call a role model when it comes to e-mobility. In fact, they are only now starting to penetrate the market of electrified cars with the smallest SUV from Jeep portfolio, Renegade. In fact, in the following years, when regulations and penalties will become stricter, they might even buy so called CO2 credits from other car manufacturers like Tesla just in order to avoid high payments to authorities.

Nevertheless, while they are lagging behind the competition, spirits are strong within the company and so are plans to spread the portfolio of electric cars. In fact, they are planning to become the leading force in the field of electric SUV’s. After the above-mentioned Renegade, they are planning to introduce two additional electric cars, both powered by electric power – the upcoming Alfa Romeo Tonale and existing yet quite successful Fiat Panda.

In fact, the first of the pair should be Panda, which is planned to arrive as soon as in the beginning of 2020. Tonale on the other hand, which is still waiting to be presented in the production form might follow a while later and is to be expected on the market in 2021.

Somehow, though, we are a bit sceptic about the predictions of FCA, especially about Tonale. After all, it has been more than a year since we first heard the rumors about the up and coming new generation of Alfa Romeo GTV QV, where they would pair the existing 2,9-liter v6 Biturbo engine from Giulia QV with an electric motor and yet there is still no news about that. Yet, we do hope, the manage to make both projects happen.

Sept. 8, 2019 Driving photo: FCA

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