Technical data - including cars dimensions and power - has also been revealed.

Formula E is turning a new page in its history. Five years after inaugural season in 2014/15 FIA has revealed an entirely new racecar for the following season, which is about to start at the end of the year 2018. The all-new ABB FIA Formula E Championship car dubbed the 'FIA Formula E Gen2' was officially revealed on the FIA stand at the Geneva Motor Show.

Revealing was made by two of the most significant men in world of racing, FIA president Jean Todt and Formula E founder/CEO Alejandro Agag. Entire car was developed by FIA, who brought together a team of engineers that later presented the car unlike any other. This can be seen on the first glance. Comparing it to the current racecar, Gen2 Formula E racer had a Formula 1-like Halo installed over the cockpit. For better aerodynamics all four wheels are now covered, while the rear wing has been replaced by two smaller wings behind each rear wheel.

Gen2 race car is going to be 5,16 meters long, 1,77 meters wide and 1,05 meters wide. Maximum power output is going to be 250 kilowatts, although in race mode power is going to be limited to 200 kilowatts. This will propel the car from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 2,8 seconds and may continue all the way to its top speed of 280 kilometers per hour. Weight of the battery is going to be 385 kilograms, will the car's minimum weight (driver included) is going to be limited to 900 kilograms.

FIA President, Jean Todt, said: "The FIA Formula E Gen2 really looks like a car of the future. It is encouraging to see the progress made in just four years - to double the range of the car and increase the power output is the result of a great effort. With the support of so many manufacturers, Formula E will continue to push the development of electric vehicle technology, and promote sustainable mobility in many cities around the world."

March 8, 2018 Driving photo: FIA

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