Further details are to be revealed

Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles has lately in Europe been very inactive . In fact, it seems, of all the brands on the Old Continent, that Alfa Romeo and the American Jeep are the most active. However, in the leadership of the group, they have not forgotten Europe. In fact, it looks like they're taking a breath and preparing for an electric future. Because word has come out about an interesting project that is being pursued by the American-Italian connection.

The pilot project to be launched in Europe f the so-called V2G or (Vehicle-to-grid) network, with 700 electric cars, the small Fiat 500. These cars are then used during the day, at a time, when electricity needs are greatest, the electricity from battery packs is passed on to the electricity grid, thus helping to improve electricity supply.

The project to which Fiat is being co-operated with the Italian electricity provider Terna will, as has been said, run only at the pilot stage, to a limited extent. In this way, they are intended to ascertain whether the project is also financially worthwhile. The first phase is scheduled to start in the coming months and the next spring is due to start production of electric cars.

Fiat is certainly not the first provider of such services in Europe. Last but not least, Renault and Nissan have already embarked on a similar project, which offers this electricity discharge service back to the Internet in Great Britain. Although the range of countries in which Fiat launched the project, is not yet known, but it seems to be that they can become one of the biggest such projects in Europe.

Sept. 22, 2019 Driving photo: FCA

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