It is about to hit the market at the end of the year 2019 and in a very limited production.


Few days ago, British manufacturer of high-end luxury sport cars, Aston Martin, has made an announcement, a plan to establish home for electric cars and technologies – a kind of a hub – in former army facilities in Welsh city of St. Athan. At that time, Aston Martin has also revealed, that the first car to leave the factory is going to be Aston Martin Rapid-E, although not much has been known about it.

Not long after though, Aston Martin has revealed its secret, a newcomer that will go down in history as the first ever electric Aston Martin. Working closely with Williams Advanced engineering, they have made a rather spectacular machine. Where 6.0-liter V12 lump of an engine, gearbox and fuel tank once were is now going to be ‘shelter’ for battery pack with the capacity of 65 kWh. This will provide power to a pair of electric motors on the back axle with a total output of 449 kilowatts.

Production is very limited

More than 320 kilometers is the range of the car according to WLTP standard. More impressive however is charging time. While regular 400V 50 kW charger could provide enough electricity for next 300 kilometers in one hour, car’s 800V battery system could receive in given time enough electricity for the next 500 kilometers. Other technical details are also worth mentioning. Top speed of 250 kilometers and 0-100 kilometers time of under four seconds makes Rapid-E one fast electric sedan.

While being faithful to its name – rapid it really is – Rapid-E is also going to be quite exclusive. Only 155 cars (matching the cars speed in miles per hour) are going to be made, with the first examples being finished in Q4 of 2019. So far, the price has not been revealed, however we do believe it will not matter to most buyers of this rare car.

Sept. 14, 2018 Driving photo: Aston Martin

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