80edays Electric Vehicle Challenge leaves Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, cordially welcomed by ELCORA ADVANCED MATERIALS CORP.

After all the Electric Vehicles successfully arrived in Halifax, following the completion of the first European stage of the rally in Lisbon, Portugal, the 11 teams participating at the 80edays Electric Vehicle rally "ELDURO" were given a warm reception by the company representatives led by Troy Grant, the Co-Founder, Director & CEO of Elcora Advanced Materials Corp.

The next day was packed with press and local events organized by Elcora Corp. At the media event in the graphene R&D facility of Elcora Advanced Materials Corp. Troy Grant praised the 80edays project while adding that "We (Elcora) are just as committed to the cause of sustainable transport and energy as 80edays and believe this mutual relationship will help promote our vision. We're proud to be hosting the teams and ambassadors and hope we can collaborate on more projects in the future."

Elcora Advanced Materials Corp. was founded in 2011, and has been at the core of mining, processing, refining, and production efforts in graphene and its applications. The company has the leading infrastructure and resources for graphene vertical integration.

The global television studio interview was held on the 21st and made way for the tree planting ceremony. Teams traveled to the Halifax Waterfront in the evening for public display, calling it a day with a grand reception at Emera Waterfront office. At the reception, Maggie Ma, the VP of Marketing at Elcora Advanced Materials Corp. gave her comments on hosting the auspicious 100% electric rally: "We're very happy and proud that we have contributed to such an amazing project that is being led by some of the brightest minds in transport and sustainable energy today. We hope to be the first North American stop yet again once 80edays comes back in 2020!"

June 23, 2016 Driving photo: 80edays

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