They are a part of European network of fast chargers, a project called Ultra E-corridor.

It looks like, that electric cars will soon lose another important 'feature' that can play a significant part when one is deciding whether to choose electric or petrol driven car (and eventually buys the later) – long charging time. And big thanks that this will happen in near future goes to Allego, Dutch based company, that is specialized in production of fast chargers for electric automobiles.

First thing, or better said event, which proves that times, when charging a car with electricity for the next few hundred kilometers will take less time than you need to finish your espresso, occurred just a few days ago, when mentioned company officially put first four ultra-fast chargers into public use. Official ceremony occurred on 21st of December at Aschaffenburg-West exit on Saaläcker Strasse.

Project also financed by EU

From the beginning however, they will only work with half the power, as their power output will be limited to 175 kw. Later in the spring of 2018 two of them will be upgraded to 350, enabling even faster charging. In the future they will become a part of upcoming network of electric car chargers, that will span from Dutch costal side all the way to German-Austrian border with next in line being built nearby in Bernau am Chiemsee, Southeast Germany.

Even thou Allego is a coordinator of this project – building a network of fast chargers around Europe, it is not even near just their own project. Instead there are also many other companies like Audi, BMW I, Renault Magna, Bayer innovation and many others included, which just goes to show the scale of it. On top of that a total of 13 million euros for developing 'Ultra E-corridor' came from EU and its 'Connecting Europe Facility' program.

Jure Šujica

Dec. 27, 2017 Driving photo: Allego

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