EMmotion is going to be joined by a middle range EV SUV for a price around 35.000 euros.

Around a decade ago, few years before all the electric revolution we are now witnessing a small American car manufacturer by the name Fisker presented its first luxury model called Karma. Sadly, only two years after that the story was over as the company went bankrupt. However, Henrik Fisker is now returning even stronger than before. After announcing Karma’ws succesor, EMmotion, Fisker is now preparing a yet-to-be-named EV SUV with quite affordable price.

Under 40.000 dollars or some 35.000 euros will one need to buy this middle range SUV, which should arrive on the market at the beginning of 2021. This is around the same time as Tesla’s recently unveiled Model Y, albeit in its basic trim. The latter is also going to be Fisker’s main competitor on the market. The second one is going to be Polestar 3.

“Our team set out on a mission to create an affordable EV that’s more exciting and emotion-stirring than what the market has been offering. We’re now excited to be introducing a vehicle that truly reinvents the SUV. At an affordable price point, starting below $40,000, we’re delivering a desirable, luxuriously rugged and green vehicle – complete with unique new experiences and technologies – that’s accessible to people across the USA and the world.

Fisker is also promising that the upcoming car is going to be mass produced. And this is more or less all the information Fisker has revealed about the SUV. Apart from that he added, that car is going to be equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 80 kilowatt hours – enough to make around 480 kilometers on a single charge. The rest should be known in about half a year, when world premiere is planned.

March 19, 2019 Driving photo: Fisker

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