First tests of small autonomus vehicle should be made by the end of this year with global revealing scheduled sometime in 2019.


Majority of people – at least those, familiar with car industry and smaller manufacturers – usually connects name Fisker with their sleek electric sedan called Karma (which was made by previous, now defunct company) and more recently with EMotion, another high performance electric sedan. However, Henrik Fisker's company is now developing another vehicle, which could put them among the biggest names in the industry.

Los Angeles-based company is developing on of the world's smallest, yet one of the most attractive shuttles in the world. It is going to be named Orbit Smart Shuttle, and while it is scheduled to be deployed sometime next years, a lot of details has already been revealed including a revolutionary ProteanDrive's in-wheel eDrive powertrain technology, that will help optimize interior space, thus providing space for more passengers.

"The Fisker Orbit already encompasses breakthrough automotive technology, design innovation and exciting touches that will change the way urban populations think about short trip experiences. We selected Protean's in-wheel powertrain technology to further deliver on those promises. The fastest path to fully autonomous vehicles – without a steering wheel – is through shuttles like the Orbit, and we're excited to lead the charge into the future of mobility with such world-class, sustainable technology," said company's CEO, Henrik Fisker upon revealing the plans for the newest member of the fleet.

June 13, 2018 Driving photo: Fisker

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