While a humble German start-up in 2013, FlixBus already transported over 20 million passengers in 2015. Now, Central and Eastern Europe is their next target and  will also become part of its international Green Vision.


FlixBus is an international long-distance bus network. Currently, they connect 800 destinations in 18 countries, but those numbers are constantly growing. Around 35 million passengers have already travelled with them, 20 million in 2015 alone. European cities can be easily reached with approximately 100,000 trips available, often departing every 30 minutes.

Now, the company is expanding its business to CEE region (Central and Eastern Europe), offering even better connectivity. As of June 16, there will be six Slovenian cities (Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper, Portorož, Postojna, and Bled) directly connected to 35 destinations in Croatia, Germany, Austria and Italy. From there, passengers will have the opportunity to reach München, Vienna, Berlin, Milan, Venice and numerous Croatian coastal cities for up to seven times a day. Overnight buses will also be available. Changing buses on these destinations will open up to 200 further routes to other European cities.

Passengers can purchase or change (free of charge) their tickets to up to 15 minutes prior to set departure. They can use the FlixBus-App or buy the ticket directly with the bus driver. Boarding is also possible using a QR-code, without the traditional paper ticket.

What makes FlixBus a novelty on Slovenian market is the digitization of traditional bus travel. Technological advancements like their e-ticketing system, the FlixBus-App, free Wi-Fi on board and GPS Live Tracking, FlixBus therefore represents quite a revolution in the bus travel industry. They offer smart network and dynamic price management. The green buses are said to comply with the highest safety and environmental standards, offering a sustainable and convenient alternative to private transport. 

For more information, you can also follow FlixBus on Facebook and Twitter.

June 9, 2016 Driving photo: Flixbus

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