In recent month, Ford was quite often a target of environmentalists due to the fact, the do not offer any electric or electrified car. They are, especially in Europe also having some financial problems, which just add to dire situation. At least the first problem though might soon be solved, since Ford made a significant step in the last few days and finally stepped in the game of electric cars.

In fact, Ford have yesterday in Dutch capital Amsterdam presented a fleet of electric car of the future. In fact, five cars have been presented during the two-day conference: Ford Focus, Fiesta, Tourneo concept, SUV Explorer and a brand new generation of Ford Kuga. And this is just the beginning as Ford is in total planning some 16  new electrified models, either electric ones or hybrids.

Danes pa je luč sveta ugledal še en Fordov koncept, ki sicer še ni pripravljen na serijsko proizvodnjo, a je o njemu večino že znanega. Govora je obujenem modelu z imenom Puma, ki pa se je iz kupeja prelevil v križanca. Kljub nepopolnemu razkritju pa je že znano, da bo avtomobili opremljeni z litrskim bencinskim motorjem EcoBoost z močjo 155 'konjev' oziroma 114 kilovatov, delovali pa bodo kot blagi hibridi na osnovi 48-voltni tehnologiji.

April 3, 2019 Driving photo: Ford

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