it is providing excelent performance with a touch of old school

Real car-freaks, or rather petrolheads, generally despise electric cars, mainly because of lack of character. But inevitably, the time will come when these cars become reality and the only option... However, they do not have to be boring and completely alienated from the present and even the current past. A ray of hope has been resurrected by Ford with its concept of an electric Mustang of the current generation, which, interestingly, has a six-stage manual transmission.

As a general rule, electric cars do not even need a gearbox, as they offer maximum and constant torque practically from standing still. Nevertheless, Ford decided to equip a one-of-a-kind athlete – which is fully ready for road use – with a manual gearbox by the manufacturer Getrag, which is intended to contribute to even slightly better car performance and to exploiting the potential of a 671 kilowatt electric motor.

However, the manual transmission is not the only speciality of an electric sports car, developed by Ford in cooperation with Webasto. Prototype, which will be used as a test mule for the development of new technologies has been given double inverters of the electric power, thereby allowing it to be charged with 800 volts of electricity, which, of course, shortens the time for charging the battery assembly. The same technology was provided by the first (and only so far only such= production car, Porsche Taycan.

Is this prototype also a prediction of the future first electric car of a brand, which, despite the SUV's design, is to be inspired by the Mustang? Probably not, at least not to this extent, but it is certainly new evidence of what Ford can already do in the area of electrification, which, by 2022, intends to devote some EUR 10 billion to further development.

Nov. 9, 2019 Driving photo: Ford

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