Initially it will be powered by a mild hybrid.

Ford has recently and long overdue finally presented a few prototypes of electrified vehicles. Most of them will hit the streets in the next few years with the one (loosely) resembling Ford Mustang being anticipated the most. However, car in talk, while it may be presented this year, will not be the one to hit the market first. This honor will be given to a car, an SUV with a resurrected name from a small, Fiesta-based coupe, Puma.

Next generation of Puma has then been clearly revealed, but it seems that the car we saw back then was only a prototype and not yet a full production version, This is how we can explain Ford’s decision to mask the car in the latest video teaser – or more likely to ‘pixelate’ it. By the way, the video, attached bellow was published by Ford of Romania, country in which Puma is going to be built.

In the end, we have to point out, that Puma will not be solely driven by electricity. Instead it will only use a mild, 48-volt hybrid system in collaboration with a 1.0 EcoBoost petrol engine, producing some 122 kilowatts of power. It will be the second electrified Ford in Europe after plug-in Mondeo, but we do hope that it will also get a proprer electric drive train.

June 24, 2019 Driving photo: Ford

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