In particular, they are interested in their needs and expectations of electric cars. 

Becoming a serious player in the field of electrified cars, Ford is aiming to make it big, now that its portofilo of such cars is starting to grow. To make this work and also to compete against companies like Volkswagen (with whom Ford is now establishing a partnership) they need to understand their customers and customer's needs.

Results of this survey are quite interesting. While we are still at the beginning of era of electric cars, almost one in two persons being involved in survey said, they are looking forward on having an electrified car, while four out of ten say, they have little to no knowledge in such cars. Also, the biggest interest for electric cars is in China.

Furthermore, two important findings have been pointed out. One is, that a lot of people agree, that owning and maintaining electric or hybrid car is easy. Second one is the fact that having an electric car and charging it at home eliminates the need of stopping at petrol stations, what is disturbing for quite a lot of drivers.

While it may seem that mentioned survey was made a bit randomly, there is a story behind. In fact it was an announcment for the upcomming Mustang inspired SUV. It will offer some 600 kilometers of range, making it usefull for many potential buyers. 

Sept. 14, 2019 Driving photo: Ford

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