Ford confirmed the first fleets participating in the Ford Transit plug-in hybrid van (PHEV) 12-month London trial that includes 20 new Ford Transit PHEVs. 


This trial is aimed at establishing just how much Ford Transit PHEV vans actually contribute to less polluted city air, especially in the winter months, when particle air pollution reaches one of its peaks. Each Transit PHEV will collect data on the vehicles' financial, operational and environmental performance. At the same time, Ford will be able to get feedback on how to improve working conditions for fleet operators. 

The 20 Transit PHEV vans taking part in this trial will try to reduce local emissions by running solely on electric power for the majority of inner-city trips, while longer journeys outside the city center will still be powered by gas engines.

So far, there are five fleets taking part in Ford's trial. They represent a kind of breakdown of services that use vans as the most common means of city transport. Transport for London will use three of the vans for freight duties, two Transit PHEV vans will be driven by the Metropolitan Police with one of them marked for second response to traffic accidents, and another un-marked to be used as a forensic support unit.

The rest of the vans will be driven by Clancy Plant that rents and leases construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment, Addison Lee, London's premier car and courier service for your business and personal needs, and British Gas, the largest UK energy and home services company.

April 26, 2017 Driving photo: Ford

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