Ford opened a Smart Mobility Innovation Office in London to work on the near term development of smart mobility technologies while focusing on the specific requirements of European cities.

Accoridng to Ford, the new Smart Mobility Innovation Office will give a dedicated team of highly skilled Ford specialists easy access to world-class digital companies, leading academic institutions and existing partners, while focusing on near term development of smart mobility solutions, fit for all of the Europe's largest cities. 

You will find the new office, which is set to open later this year, to be located on the Here East Campus, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Initially, around 40 specialists will work there. The London location was not chosen randomly. It is perfect for Ford as it allows the company to be in the close proximity to its existing cutting edge trials in London, as Ford explained. One of them is the plug-in hybrid Transit fleet project, also launching later this year. Another thing Ford could make good use of is the Olympic Park's private road network, which could serve as a future mobility solutions testing ground. 

June 14, 2017 Driving photo: Ford

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