He made the move just seconds before the end.

Formula E is now officially in full swing. After the first two races of the season six back in November, teams are now ready for the main part of the season as the third race of the season has been held yesterday in Santiago, Chile. And if one might say, that the previos season with eight different winners on the first eight races of the season was spectacular, we think, we are in for another one that might provide fights, that will be just as interesting.

Among the teams it seems that BMW i Andretti Motorsport is the one that might eventually fight for constructors championshipm having won two out of three races this seson. And the latest win was as sweet as it gets. After dictating the pace until the last lap, Antonio Felix da Costa from DS Techeetah was eventually passed by Maximilian Guenther just few turns before the end and even managed to make a gap of some two seconds. Third to came through the finnishing line was Julius Baer pole-sitter Mitch Evans for Panasonic Jaguar Racing.

Maximilian Guenther: "Today is a dream come true. For all of us, it was about managing the race in hot conditions and it was a straight fight to the finish. Having not made a great start on the dirty side of the track, which actually cost me position, we used the extra power for ATTACK MODE very cleverly. That ultimately allowed me to take the lead. In those temperatures, it was also important to keep an eye on the battery. We did that really well and on the final lap, Antonio had to coast a little earlier than me on the straight. I thought to myself it is now or never and went for the overtake. Fortunately, it came off!"

Jan. 19, 2020 Driving photo: formula e chile

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