In the heart of this new material is Polypropylene, a material widely used in different industries, since it is well known as being equivalent in durability as previously used PVC, yet it can also be recycled.

Formula E is all about being attractive while also being green and sustainable. Racecars are powered by electricity with races being held within the city permits to bring the action closer to people. The concept is working especially from the beginning of the season five, that introduced a whole new racecars that are more powerful, thus also faster. And with races getting more attractive, there is also more advertising involved.

Now, organizers have started thinking even about this field and in a way that most of us would not even think about. Today, an announcement has been made that from the following race this weekend a brand new material will be used for trackside signage and branding. Instead of regular plastic-like material they will be using a new strong and durable material. Mentioned material is a result of 12 month of intensive research and will help to cut back on 35-kilometres of potential PVC waste.

Julia Palle, Senior Sustainability Consultant at Formula E, said: “Working together with a trusted and credible supplier in CSM Live, we’ve been able to deliver sustainable solutions for branding and trackside signage. Not only does the non-PVC material provide similar levels of strength and durability, each aspect has been carefully considered in order to fully limit its impact - from production line to re-use and recycling. Introducing new and innovative ways of branding allows the ABB FIA Formula E Championship to continue accelerating positive change in the events industry.”

April 11, 2019 Driving photo: Fia

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