Special race is going to take pllace next year in London.


Formula E is most of the time taking places within the city streets. This is actually quite logical since this is the way they can bring it closer to spectators. And while street tracks may also be much more attractive, it seems that is not enough for the organizers, who came up with the idea to organize a race on a new, partially indoor track. In fact, the first race is going to take place next year in London.

2,4-kilometers long race is going to take place inside ExCel and is going to be made of 23 corners. But the plan of this multiyear agreement is much broader. Formula-E in this part of the town is on one hand going to bring more excitement within the city center, while on the other also going to promote electric transport, which is going to play a crucial role in cities as densely populated as London.

Alejandro Agag, Founder & CEO of Formula E, said: “I’m extremely excited to be bringing the ABB FIA Formula E Championship and electric racing back to the UK. Every motorsport series would love to host an event in London - this has been our desire for quite some time now and we’re delighted to have found a new home in the Royal Docks at ExCeL London. We have a growing base of knowledgeable and passionate fans in the UK, and this race adds to a fantastic summer of sport as a world-class event we hope Londoners can be proud of. Formula E coming back to the UK extends beyond pure racing excitement, it’s also a strong message for London to tackle inner-city air pollution by promoting clean technologies and electric sustainable mobility.”


March 5, 2019 Driving photo: ABB

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