It only took a small amount of miscalculation of energy consumption and the unlucky Mahindra racing team was again left thinking ”what if” after Pascal Wehrlein lost the win in Mexico City e-prix Formula E race in the last seconds.

Wehrlein was leading comfortable at the beginning and also when the race resumed after the lap 2 red flag du to Nelson Piquet flaying accident. However, a miscalculation the amount of energy needed to finish the race after the red flag meant that he ran out during the epic fight for the win with Lucas di Grassi, which lasted in intensified during the last few laps. Di Grassi attacked several times, but Wehrlein managed to fend him of until the last corner, when his energy display went to zero and he had to coast over the line in second place. He was then hit wit a 5 second time penalty for cutting the chicane while defending the lead and finished in fifth place, but taking the points for pole position and fastest lap.

”II have to say - it was probably the best Formula E race of my career to date,” Di Grassi smiled after the race.

All the happening in the last laps saw BMWs Felix Da Costa climb to second place after not managing to stick his car into a top three position for the majority of the race. ” My steering was not straight for 80 per cent of the race. That could’ve ended really badly so we were lucky. It took me three or four laps to get used to it and honestly when I got a bit of a gap to the back I settled there, managed my energy and picked up the pieces in the end. I actually made a gap to Lucas in the end as I knew it was getting crazy,” explained Da Costa.

Venturis’ Edoardo Mortara took 3rd place with a bit of luck: ”Christmas happened on the last lap… two cars stopping and one that got a drive-through, so you’ve got a podium!”

Nelson Piquet continued his run of bad luck, his Jaguar I-Type 3 climbing of the back wheel of Jean Eric Vergnes’ DS while he was trying to make an overtake move, flying into wall and ending his race. Fortunately, Piquet was left uninjured.

2018/2019 Formula E championship continues in 3 weeks in Hong Kong.



1. Di Grassi (Audi) 1:13.15,422

2. Da Costa (BMW) +0,436

3. Mortara (Venturi) +0,745

4. D’Ambrosio (Mahindra) +1,159

5. Lotterer (DS) +1,785




1. D’Ambrosio 53

2. Da Costa 46

3. Bird (Envision) 45



1. Mahindra 83

2. Envision 73

3. BMW 64

Feb. 17, 2019 Driving

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