The race Formula E will be hosted by the Chinese picturesque tourist resort Sania, just south of Hainan, next season.

The race in Sania, which is still a subject to approval of the calendar by FIA World Motor Sport Council, will mark a return of Formula E races to mainland China. The first ever E-Prix race was namely held on the grounds of the Olympic park in Beijng in 2014, but then Formula E never returned to this Asian country. At least not until next season.

If the race is confirmed, the popular tourist resort will see Gen2 electric racers going wheel to wheel along the shore of Haitang Bay of South China Sea. It is planed for the March 23 and will also be the second race held in Asia, just after the race in Hong Kong, which is planned to take place on March 10.

Comenting the decision to bring Formula E to mainland China again, Alejandro Agag, Founder & CEO of Formula E, said: "Bringing the ABB FIA Formula E Championship back to Mainland China is an important step in a key territory for the series and a market that's instrumental to the continued development and uptake of electric vehicles globally. Sanya is an idyllic setting for a Formula E race - not just with the stunning views on the shores of the South China Sea - but for the ongoing efforts of Hainan in the field of electric mobility, which has led to Sanya boasting the best air quality of any city in China."

July 4, 2018 Driving photo: FIA Formula E

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