Peugeot has developed a futuristic super race car PEUGEOT Vision Gran Turismo for the Gran Turismo 6 gaming franchise and it will be available as a free upgrade for PlayStation 3.

The development of the virtual supercar included Peugeot designers and technicians of the Peugeot Sport department, who provided it with all the characteristics of a durable race car and made it available in the high-resolution enviroment of the GT6 franchise.

The thing that first catches the eye with the automobile of a mere 104 centimetres in height, 22-inch front wheels and 23-inch rear wheels is the distinctly aerodynamic monolithic lateral silhouette, which in addition to efficiently cutting the air also serves to push it downwards. The 3.2-litre V6 Turbo engine mounted in the middle behind the driver with 652 kilowatts of maximum power that are transferred to all four wheels through a manual six-speed transmission easily handles the automobile all of 875 kilograms and propels it to 100 kilometres per hour in 1.73 seconds. In controlling the fierce power, the driver is aided by a meticulously accurate steering wheel and efficient Brembo carbon brakes.

June 2, 2015 Driving photo: GT6

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