...But as purely electric brand for off-roaders

The Hummer off-road vehicles, in the end built by General Motors, were produced in three versions until 2010, are likely to be identified as one of the least uneconomic and ecological vehicles of its time. So the interesting thing is that General Motors is thinking about bringing that name back, but with a significant difference. New cars with the same name are supposed to be equipped with electric drive. That is if they get into serial production.

The idea of revitalising the Hummer is, for the time being, just an idea – which, according to the Automotive news Europe portal, could become more. In fact, GM is seeing an increasing demand from customers for true off-road cars, but at the same time they want them to be be eco-friendly. GM would, of course, like to oblige them and at the same time, this would also supposed to be a step towards purely electric security, and possibly the Hummer brand could make a decisive contribution to this.

This idea also has quite a few followers like GM president, Mark Reuss, who is excited over Hummer, but not sure whether they will in the end however, bring the brand, which went bankrupt years of age in 2009 back to life. Things may however become clearer soon. American company is active in developing and presenting a new generation of electric vehicles gathered under the working name BEV3. As part of this project, by 2023, 20 new electric cars will be brought onto the road, some of which will be crossovers, but not known if also 'pure-blood' SUVs.

June 18, 2019 Driving photo: Profimedia

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