While the famous Geneva International Motor Show is still open for visitors, we have compiled a list of the most important electric and hybrid vehicles we were admiring in Switzerland.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa has confirmed the rumours and showed a brand new light SUV Tonale concept in Geneva. Sized just below Stelvio, it is special because it is the first Alfa Romeo being 100% electric. Unfortunately, no details about the drivetrain were revealed yet.

Aston Martin

The Brits have brought back the legendary Lagonda brand. From now on Lagondas will be electric Aston Martin cars. We were also able to admire Project 003, now known as RB 003. This is already third of Aston's mid-engined sports cars and is similarly to Valkyrie a hybrid car but with 'only' six-cylinder petrol engine. Aston Martin will build only 500 of RB 003s.


Audi has broadened its e-tron programme and revealed a new SUV concept called Q4 e-tron. Coupe-shaped crossover has a pair of electric motors pumping out 225 kilowatts (150 in the rear and 75 in the front). Battery power is 82 kWh, which means the car's range is almost 300 miles (WLTP). Audi also revealed a four-door coupe called e-tron GT that will be available to customers in first half of 2020, roughly at the same time as the Q4 e-tron. The Germans from Ingolstadt also brought some plug-in hybrids to Geneva and presented us with their new model naming policy. We could see Q5, A6, A7 and A8 models with TFSI e drivetrain (e-tron badge will only be used for 100% electric vehicles from now on). All four of these models are capable of 25-mile range using only electricity. Basic models' output is 220 kilowatts (330 kilowatts for A8). Audi also revealed new SQ5 TDI model with three-litre six-cylinder diesel engine backed up by a 48-volt electric motor, which are good for combined output of 255 kilowatts.


Just a few weeks after official review of BMW's flagship model, we could admire the new 7 Series in Geneva as well. Bavarian company also presented 4th-gen hybrid drivetrains and made perfectly clear that they are very serious with EV-future. Hybrids shown in Geneva were 225xe Active Tourer (165 kilowatts), BMW X3 xDrive30e, BMW 330e and BMW 530e (185 kilowatts). The new 7 Series will also be available as a 745e, Le and Le xDrive (290 kilowatts). It will have the same drivetrain as the X5 xDrive45e. BMW also introduced their vision of cars becoming an active part of electric grid, capable of 'paying off' its own electricity.


This year, French manufacturer Citroen is celebrating 100 years since established. Ami One is their vision for the future of urban mobility. With the anniversary, the name is appropriate, given the success of the original Ami. The Ami One is less than a meter and a half wide with maximum speed at just below 30 mph. It is more appropriate for Car sharing systems than for private use. In some countries driver will not be obligated to have driver's license.


The Formentor concept is the second model of Seat's sportier Cupra brand. It is a coupe-crossover and a first Cupra branded car that is not based on an existing Seat model. Petrol engine is coupled with an electric one with system power at 180 kilowatts. Formentor will be capable of going as far as 30 miles on electricity alone. Production is planned for the end of this year with sales commencing in early 2020. Customer model is expected to be named Formentor or Terramar (ex Spanish racing circuit).


Fiat is celebrating its 120th birthday this year and has unveiled its brand new Centoventi (120 in Italian) concept. Small city car is very recognizable, also with its 'suicide' doors. Behind these there is an extremely flexible interior also being one of the bigger advantages and selling points of this concept and future model that also reminds us of the legendary original Panda. Owners will be able to order and buy (or 3D-print) 114 add-ons. Batteries are modular and the little car's range will be anywhere between 60 and more than 300 miles - depending on the battery pack.


Honda's Urban EV prototype is a rarity on its own being so similar to the already familiar concept. Small electric car was so well accepted in Frankfurt show last year that Honda saw no reason to change it. Now it has an additional pair of doors and one more seat but the car is still low, wide, short and cute. The Japanese factory also revealed brand new hybrid-powered CR-V.


Jeep came to Geneva with both Renegade and Compass models as plug-in hybrids. Batteries allow up to 32 miles of zero-emission range. Without the help of the petrol engine both models are capable of approximately 80 mph top speed. Electric engine can be assisted by brand new 1,3-litre turbo-assisted petrol engine that raises system output to 176 kilowatts. Jeep engineers are claiming that both models are more engaging to drive with better acceleration and responsiveness. Both are also quieter and achieve below 50 g/kilometre CO2 emissions. Rear wheels are electrically driven while front are assisted by petrol engine alone for better off-road capabilities.


Kia has unveiled a brand new electric version of their popular Soul model available with two drivetrains. The more powerful one produces 150 kilowatts of power with range around 280 miles. Basic model will produce 50 kilowatts less and will be capable of going for 170 miles before needing a plug. Kia claims both battery packs can be charged from 20 to 80 % of its capacity in only 42 minutes.


Mercedes brought an EQV concept to Geneva that predicts electric version and EV-future in this segment. Final version will compete with VW's I.D. Buzz when launched. Mercedes unveiled a plethora of EV concepts as well as final products but also displayed its future Formula E racecar. German giant is starting its venture into all-electric racing as soon as next season.


Engelberg is a world premiere at Geneva. It is not yet known if this concept will be developed into a production model but nonetheless it plays a significant role. Hybrid vehicle is four-wheel-driven with one electric motor for each axle. For added power and range there is also a 2,4-litre petrol powered unit. One of the biggest Mitsubishi novelties in some time is so-called Dendo Drive House. This system returns energy surplus from the car to the household. We already know similar systems of other carmakers like Mitsubishi's partner Nissan. This feature should soon be available to all EV and hybrid Mitsubishi cars.


Concept crossover IMQ presents design guidelines that Nissan plans to use in the near future. Power plant consists of pair of electric motors and 1,5-litre petrol turbo unit good for 250 kilowatts of power while being four-wheel drive. Nissan says that with 22-inch wheels this is also ideal combination for snow and terrain. In Geneva Nissan also unveiled its plans for electric drivetrain production for European market. This so-called e-Power technology should be available in Europe from 2022. Nissan is therefore likely planning to further expand its sales in EV segment and adding on very successful Leaf sale numbers.


PSA's Peugeot has unveiled its B segment model, the 208. Second generation is very different to its predecessor as it will only be available as a five-door hatchback while buyers will be able to opt for an electric model. New Opel Corsa is also sharing the platform of the small Peugeot. French manufacturer also unveiled the Peugeot 508 Neo Concept that combines sporty and hybrid sedan. It is driven by turbo-petrol 1,6-litre four cylinder engine producing 147 kilowatts and pair of electric engines. The latter produce 80 kilowatts (front) and 147 kilowatts (rear).


Lower priced Polestar 2 that could not be more different from its prestige brother is following successful Polestar 1 hybrid coupe. Polestar 2 is therefore entering the segment dominated by Tesla Model 3. Its range is around 300 miles with 55.000 euro entry price.


Renault has unveiled its arguably most important model, the all-new Clio. The fifth generation has some big shoes to fill as Renault sold almost 15 million of its four older brothers. For the first time Clio will be available as a hybrid.


Compact hatchback el-Born is first electrically driven Seat that is heavily relying on VW Group's existing development and expertise. It is based on VW's MLB platform but we know very little when it comes to the drivetrain. Battery pack's power is rated at 62 kWh, which is enough for 260 miles of range. Seat also unveiled small city concept car that is aimed at Renault Twizy. It has two seats one in front of the other and it is capable of going for 60 miles without a socket in sight. Battery pack is developed so it can be replaced which means that using two or more packs the 'charging' takes only minutes.


Subaru unveiled its European-spec Forester and XV models equipped with e-Boxer drivetrain. This is a two-litre petrol boxer engine with electric motor in the gearbox. Subaru says that this configuration ensures not only higher mileage but also more driving pleasure. The car should be more responsive and accelerate efficiently. In Europe, Forester and XV e-Boxer will be available in autumn.


Skoda brought Vision iV concept to Switzerland and unveiled its new step towards e-mobility. It is a coupe-crossover EV with four wheel drive and 225 kilowatts of power. Skoda says the maximum range of its first MEB platform based car is around 300-mile mark. Although the design is dynamic and sporty it seems the production car will be quite spacious. It is also a technologically advanced car with automatic door opening and closing without handles and with 180-degree view cameras in place of rear view mirrors.


Toyota unveiled its Corolla Trek model that should appeal customers eager to go off asphalt from time to time. It is also available as a hybrid and should be able to cope with more than just highways being lifted by an inch and having 17-inch wheels and some plastic protections. First customers will drive their Corolla Trek in August.


German giant unveiled one of the most interesting studies of last years, a reincarnation of the legendary dune buggy. This concept still reminds us of the original model but Volkswagen has plans for the future with it, as it is fully electric. Production facts are still unknown but the ID Buggy was certainly one of the most attractive concepts of the Geneva International Motor Show. VW also presented its facelifted Passat that will also be available as a GTE plug-in hybrid.

March 13, 2019 Driving photo: Lulop

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