The price of the Tesla Model S exceeds the value to which Germany grants a subsidy to buy vehicles, which the US company does not agree with.

Subsidies for the purchase of electric cars are no novelty. In principle, they are intended for all customers of new electric vehicles or at least hybrid vehicles, and the height varies from country to country. But it seems that the drive train for deciding on the entitlement to a subsidy is not the only criterion.

About 800 owners of Tesla Model S in Germany will need to return a subsidy of € 4,000, insofar as the financial support for the purchase of an electric vehicle is there. Namely, on Tuesday, the German Economic Affairs and Export Office stated that the Tesla Model S is simply too expensive for such a financing scheme. Also 250 future owners who are still waiting for their vehicles, will be left out for a subsidy.

Meanwhile Tesla Motors announced the complaint, while guaranteeing that Tesla buyers will receive a discount in the level of subsidy until the matter is officially resolved. "As explained on our web site, everyone can order a basic version of the Model S below the threshold amount to which the state grants subsidies, and we have delivered such vehicles to our customers," writes in Tesla's official statement.

The amount we are talking about is 60,000 euros, while the German office in question adds that a vehicle with basic equipment which costs less than the threshold value is not available in Germany. According to the price list on the Tesla official website, the cheapest Model S in the 75D configuration and one electric motor will cost 62,019 euros, but the price of the vehicle can drop below 60,000 euros, but only in the case of factory financing or leasing and with a limited number of kilometers.

July 19, 2018 Driving photo: Tesla

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