Packed in the same form as regular Golf VIII, it will also produce less power.

Plug-in hybrid version of seventh generation Golf, the Golf GTE was quite a success. While it represented only a fraction of sale of one of the most popular cars of all times, Volkswagen still had some problems in satisfying the needs of a market. It is thus understandable, that it will stay in offer also in the next generation. Even more, Volkswagen is supposedly preparing two versions of the car.

In the seventh generation, Golf GTE was in a way an adition to GTI, aiming for the drivers, who wanted a Plug-in habrids, but at the same time also performance. That is why it was offering 180 kilowatts of power and design touches of a petrol driven performance version of the car. However, some customers just wanted to be more eco-friendly, without having more power and all of the looks.

According to british Autocar magazine Volkswagen will thus now, once the new generation of Golf in few months hit the market, offer to such buyers less powerfull version of the car. Instead of 180 kilowatts of power, it will only offer 148 kilowatts, packed in a form of a regular Golf. Speaking pricewise, no informations has emerged yet but it is expected that this version is on one side going to be more expensive than MHEV, whilst also considerably cheaper than GTE.

Sept. 22, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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