By insulting and interrupting analysts on recent conference call, he might just have blew all the chances to get funds, needed for further projects.


American manufacturer Tesla is for a while now in a delicate situation. Between delays, regarding the production of Model 3 still that has not yet been solved and announced upcoming of very new SUV, Model Y, company should really watch on its image in public and should not afford any kind of stunt, as it did earlier this week.

What Elon Musk did on the latest video conference with different analysts, strongly connected with Wall Street, can thus be at least marked as foolishness. Instead of cooperating with them, presenting the latest achievements, that would help presenting Tesla in a good light he was insulting them, saying they are asking "boring, bonehead questions" and interrupting them during their speech.

Several notable analysts expressed amazement, regarding Musks behavior, especially when considering the delicate situation of Tesla. While the controversial entrepreneur denies such speculations, most experts believes, that in order for Tesla to solve problems in production of Model 3 and launch Model Y, it will need somewhere between two and three billions dollars. Money company does not have and could only get by selling stocks or debt, which is going to be hard if moves like this will continue.

First consequences, regarding the recent conference call are already here. After some optimism, caused by efficient production in the last few weeks, value of Tesla's stocks have on Thursday already tumbled by 5,6 per cent. So while Musk is well known by his unusual behavior, which brought him from being famous to being infamous, this might be a step too far, that could hurt him, as he might just have beaten the hand that feeds him and his unstoppable need for money, needed for new project

May 5, 2018 Driving photo: Plugin Archive

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