As already announced, Opel will be adding a new electric model into its fleet. It will be in showrooms in about a year and it will go by the name of Ampera-e. 


Opel Ampera-e will be part of a major expansion of the German brand, which sees 29 new models between the years 2016 and 2020. The new five-door, five seat Ampera-e is of course the European version of Already announced Chevrolet Bolt. Opel group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann stated that the new Ampera-e will "open the road to electric mobility by breaking down the barriers of high price and short driving range." (Also) due to a flat battery installation, it will provide enough comfort for five passengers.

Despite the fact that the announcement does not mention technical details, we can safely assume that as with the Bolt the front wheels of Ampera-e will be powered by a 150 kW electric motor. The car accelerates to 100 km/h in less than seven seconds and keeps accelerating up to 145 km/h. Most likely the battery pack will also be the same as the one featured in Bolt, meaning the 60 kWh batteries will suffice for a driving range of 320 kilometers.

And another insteresting fact: the name Ampera-e suggests that there will also be an Ampera without the "-e" - of course based on Chevrolet Volt 2. The new Ampera has aready been spied testing in the far north of Europe.

Feb. 11, 2016 Driving photo: GM

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