This includes even some electric cars at Dacia

Renault is one of the car makers,that will attend this year's Geneva car show. However, will other manufacturers are already presenting their new models – like Kia with their Sorento and Hyundai with i20 – Renaut has decided, that they will wait untilthe actual show in order to actually present their cars. Nevertheless, they did not leave us empty handed as the did give us a few names and informations about their cars. Guess what? Most of them will be electric.

Renault always likes to show off a bit with atractive concept cars and this time there will be no exceptions. To continuewith tradition, they will present a Morphoz an electric concept car, illustrating Renault's vision of tomorrow's mobility. While being a show car, Morphoz will still present a few ideas like modular design that will find their place in generations to come.

Apart from mentioned concept car there will also be some production-ready models like Megane Estate E-tech and full electric Twingo Z.E. The latter one will however only be available on markets with LHD cars.

While these are electric cars to arrive from Renault itself, there will still be one more electric car under the spotlight. In fact, Dacia has decided to present its own electric car. However, expecting it to be on the road anytime soon makes no sense as Renault has already said it will only be a showcar. Still, it is a start.

Feb. 19, 2020 Driving photo: Renault

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