Volkswagen is  since recently the new record holder for electric cars at Nürburgring, which we have, of course, already written about. With the time of 6:05 they have improved the time of the Chinese Nio by a great margain and it is likely that it will be some time before anyone improves the time set by ID.R. Now, At Volkswagen, they have prepared a detailed record of the statistics and the number and the telemetry of the car, giving a new perspective on the whole thing.

For example, it's an interesting piece of information about the forces that Romain Dumas experienced during his record-setting. These were particularly high in the corners and at braking, much higher than he would normally experience in 'regular' race cars. They reached up to 3.49 times the force of gravity during the turns, while fuelling negative forces-up to 2.7 – times of gravity.

To put it another way, if a head weighs about five kilograms and we add the weight of the helmet, which adds another 1,5 kilograms, Dumas' head felt to weight some 20 kilograms in a combination of Kallenhard, where forces on the body are highest. Informations about the speed are also interesting. The maximum achieved speed was 273 kilometres per hour and the lowest was 83 kilometres per hour; the average was 104,96 kilometres per hour.

Although ID.R is a pureblood sport car, itsconsumption was surprisingly low. In a 20.8 kilometre run, it used only 24.7 kilowatt hours of electricity. Clearly, still several times more than, for example, classic passenger electric cars, where consumption varies around 17 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometres, but this is still much smaller multiple times than in the classic petrol engine, when we compare the costs. Electricity was supplied by a generator, which was cared for by almost harmless glycerin.

Aug. 2, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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