At the car show in Tokyo Honda introduced the new generation of their fuel cell powered car – the Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle, which should have no trouble to reach the same driving range as cars with internal combustion engines.


Honda says that the Clarity Fuel Cell is the first fuel cell powered car, in which the fuel cells and the drivetrain take up only so much space as a V6 engine and a gearbox in an internal combustion engine. Honda's engineers designed the car based on the principle »more for people and less for the machine«, which is why they have drastically reduced the space, used for the drivetrain. This means that the 5 potential passengers have just as much room in the car, as they would in a conventional sedan of the same class.

Because a single fuel cell is 1 mm thinner than the cells of the original Honda FCX Clarity, the size of the cell set has reduced for more than 33 %. On account of better membranes they now produce 130 kW and a charge density of 60 % per 3,1 kW/l. The current is stored in a li-ion battery, which powers the 130 kW electromotor without a gearbox. The hydrogen is located in a receptacle, which fills up in 3 minutes, stored at a pressure of 70 MPa, and enables a driving range of more than 700 kilometers. The driver can choose between two driving modes: »Normal« for a balanced combination of an economic and dynamic driving style and »Sport«, which stresses the sporty dynamic.

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell will be available for purchase in Japan at the beginning of the coming year and later in the year also in Europe.

Nov. 1, 2015 Driving photo: Honda

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