Honda is developing a brand new, all-electric light sports car based on Honda CR-Z.


Honda CR-Z – as we know it today – was introduced already in 2010 as the first sports car with a hybrid powertrain. The petrol engine was assisted by a an electric motor, sitting between the engine and gearbox, producing very weak total output (124bhp and 128lb ft between just 1000-1500rpm). Even though the exterior seemed very promising, the car turned out to be all but sporty and quite weak. Due to its lack of expected performance, the sports fans turned to look for a better option elsewhere. Despite all that, the CR-Z survived and the way things are going now, the car might become an electric hit for the next generation.

Honda spoke to Auto Express magazine and tole them that the new Honda CR-Z will be based on the technology that was used in a CR-Z racer, which competed at the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The prototype of the CR-Z comes with four electric motors, producing a total power output of around 250bhp, which makes the car accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. The 16kwh lithium-ion battery ensures a range of 400 kilometers.

Honda's Precision All-Wheel Steer system allows the rear wheels to turn as much as up to three degrees in either direction, making for excellent handling and agility. The system is capable of managing the electric motors (one on each wheel) independently, offering a wide range of possible front and rear drive combinations. According to Honda, all power can focus even only on one single wheel.

By what we've learned, we can assume that this is the kind of car the old CR-Z aspired to be but failed. Driving the new one should feel pleasant and exhilarating. The only question is, will this car ever make its way to the car dealers' showrooms? We certainly hope it will. Honda hasn't denied it, so ...

Nov. 6, 2015 Driving photo: Honda

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