More than 36.000 cars has already been ordered.

Honda e will soon become the first Honda to enter the world of electric cars. The small city car, which debuted two years ago in Frankfu will debute in production version with little changes in just few weeks. And just as it should be, the new electric will also be equipped with an Advanced info-entertainment system. This will consist of, among others new things, five LCD screens, placed across the entire dashboard.

Honda is emphasizing on this, that they wanted to transfer simple design of the exterior to the interior of the car, which would mean that the system was easy to the use, which would, with use of high-quality materials eventually make the space more comfortable and relaxed. One screen will be used to display the state of the vehicle and speed, two for infotainment system, and two will be permanently connected to the cameras, which will replace external mirrors, just as with the Audi e-tron.

"Our objective for the Honda e was that the simple exterior style continues inside. The overall interior atmosphere combined with exceptional comfort by using familiar materials such as wood grain and textured fabric, is reminiscent of a modern living room.” explains Kohei Hitomi, Large Project Leader, Honda e. “In this modern, relaxing environment, occupants can effortlessly engage with advanced connected technology such as the camera mirror system and dual touchscreen display that is highly sophisticated, but incredibly easy to use.”

For an even better user experience, Honda's engineers will provide an artificial intelligence service hidden under the name Honda Personal Assistant. The system will be able to manage the voice, and during use – it is activated by the 'OK Honda' password and the command or question – it will over time get used of the user and then automatically upgrade. A digital key will also be connected to the system, which will operate via a mobile application, and the vehicle will also have a virtual geo-rail installed at standstill and, if it leaves this area, it will report to the vehicle owner.

July 30, 2019 Driving photo: Honda

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